27 Sep 2010 11:00 AM

Most Comprehensive Women’s Monthly Index To Track 25 Consumer Brands Most Buzzed About By Women

NEW YORK – Sept 27, 2010 – Women at NBCU, NBC Universal’s female-targeted ad sales, marketing and research initiative, unveiled a new monthly brand index designed to be the most comprehensive marketplace measure of the 25 brands that are most important to women. The announcement was made today by Lauren Zalaznick, President of NBC Universal’s Women & Lifestyle Entertainment networks.

This proprietary index is based on a compilation of online search data from ComScore, social media buzz data from New Media Strategies as well person-to-person conversations tracked by Keller Faye.

“In addition to being responsible for 85% of today’s consumer purchases, women are also the biggest brand ambassadors.  Research shows that 96% of women will recommend a product to a friend if she likes it. There is simply no better type of endorsement than peer recommendations,” said Zalaznick. “On iVillage alone, there are 20,000 brand recommendations each month.  Whether they are prosthelitizers or detractors, we know what women are talking about, and we are excited to share this valuable information with the marketplace.” 

For the month of August, the following consumer brands made the top 25:

1) Wal-Mart 2) Target 3) Verizon 4) EBay 5) AT&T 6) Coca-Cola 7) Bank of America 8) Ford 9) Amazon.com 10) Pepsi 11) McDonalds 12) Sprint 13) Dell Computers 14) Hp 15) Dish Network 16) Comcast 17) Gap 18) Toyota 19) Sears 20) Netflix 21) Kohl’s 22) iPhone 23) Microsoft 24) Wells Fargo 25) Home Depot 

The index reveals several interesting insights about many of the brands, which were among the 500 analyzed. Seven different product categories are represented in the top 25, including technology, automotive and finance – areas traditionally thought of as male-dominated.  In fact, seven of the top 25 brands are in the technology sector including Verizon, Sprint, Dell, HP, iPhone, Microsoft and AT&T.

Additionally, brands that leveraged new media for promotions were some of the biggest movers from July to August. For example, Gap, which moved from #44 to #17 on the list, offered a discount/incentive for shoppers that checked in through Foursquare. Similarly, Pizza Hut, which moved from #73 to #60, also offered a Foursquare discount in August.

Brands with announcements regarding pro-social initiatives were also among the biggest gainers for the month. Starbucks moved from #59 to #33, which coincided with their announcement of an in-store donation program to help rebuild neighborhoods in New Orleans. Olive Garden moved from #145 to #92. The company recently announced it raised $36MM through their “Pasta For Pennies” program in support of the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society.

Women at NBCU also released the findings today of its Word of Mouth study conducted in partnership with Keller Faye. The report showed that women talk about brands incessantly -- about 92 times in the course of a week. Most significantly, 62% of women felt what they heard from others was credible and believable, and 51% said they would purchase something based on a conversation.  

About Women At NBCU: Launched in May 2008, Women at NBCU is a powerful combination of media assets reaching women across multiple platforms. This ad sales, marketing and research initiative creates custom solutions for advertisers to connect with female consumers via NBC Universal's wide portfolio, including Oxygen, iVillage, Bravo, "Green is Universal,"  “TODAY,” as well as other female-skewing shows such as "The Biggest Loser." NBC Universal reaches 95% of women watching television per month. Some recent Women at NBCU clients include Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, General Mills and Kodak.

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